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Dress Regulations

Members and their guests are expected to maintain a neat appearance when visiting Phillip Island Golf Club. Staff have been instructed to refuse entry to anyone not suitably attired. Acceptable standards of dress Include:

Trousers shorts & skirts – Tailored slacks, denim jeans, ¾ trousers (shorts), are deemed to be acceptable dress. 

Shirts & Knitwear – Collared or neat T shirt type tops are acceptable casual dress. Singlets or tank tops are not acceptable attire.


Work wear – Work wear is generally acceptable provided it is clean, neat and tidy.  

Footwear – Golf shoes or runners are to be worn on the course and may also be worn in the within the clubhouse. Neat casual footwear generally is to be worn in the clubhouse. Bare feet and thongs are not acceptable foot wear.

Course Care


Prior To Playing

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your allocated tee time to check-in.

  • Have no more than 4 in a group.

  • Be prepared to have other members or guests join you if have less than 4 in your group.

  • Be ready to play when prior to your time to tee off.

On The Tee

  • Agree on either Honour system v Ready Golf depending on pace of play

  • Mark your ball clearly to ensure that you can identify it.

  • Take your shot, ONLY when golfers ahead of you are out of range.

  • Ensure you are standing still and facing other golfers while they are hitting.

  • Watch where all balls go to avoid time spent looking for lost balls.

  • Yell the warning “FORE!” if your ball is heading toward another golfer.


The Fairway

  • Walk directly to your ball unless you reach someone else’s ball first.

  • Place your bag or car to the right of you when hitting.

  • Take no more than one practice swing.

  • Player furthest from the hole plays first.  Golfers out of range can play first if ready.

  • Walk briskly between shots and be ready to play when it’s your turn.

  • Keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.

  • Assist playing partners when needed by bringing clubs, finding lost balls, etc.

  • Follow posted riding cart rules.


On The Green

  • Do not pull  carts or drive carts across the green.

  • Place your bag or cart between the green and the next tee box.

  • Take all clubs you may need.

  • Repair your ball marks and one other.

  • Avoid stepping on another player’s putting line.

  • Players begin putting when all balls are on the green.

  • The person furthest away from the hole putts first.

  • On long putts have another player attend the flagstick.

  • Mark your ball if it is in the path of another player’s ball.

  • Record all scores on the next tee box.


Pace Of Play

  • It is common knowledge that slow play detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Whilst players are not expected to ‘run’ around the course, they should be aware that there are others on the course at the same time and therefore, should act with common sense and courtesy towards those players. A group’s position is in relation to the group in front, not the group behind.

  • Specifically:-

  • Walk directly and at good pace to your ball.

  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.

  • keep practice swings and pre-shot routines to a minimum.

  • Be ready to play as soon as it is your turn (ie. put a glove on, select the club and calculate the distance while waiting to play). On the putting green, putt out whenever possible.

  • Play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost outside a hazard or out of bounds.

  • If a clear hole is lost and the group behind is being delayed, or if there is no group in front and the group behind is being delayed, invite the group behind to play through.

  • At the green, position your bag on the way to the next tee.

  • Move off the green as soon as all players in the group have holed out.

  • Mark the score card on the next tee while others are teeing off. If you have the honour, enter scores for the previous hole AFTER you have played your tee shot. If you do not have the honour, enter the scores for the previous hole whilst the first player is playing their tee shot.

  • In PAR, Stableford and Four-ball events, pick up when you can no longer score on the hole.

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