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19th Hole

Dear members,

This communication outlines the Board’s plans for a 19th hole on the course including the benefits of this additional hole and the reasoning behind its location and design. It also covers other minor course changes relating to the construction and thereafter the playing of the 19th hole.

Having the availability of a good quality and well-constructed spare hole will ensure that members are able to continue to play 18 holes whenever the Club embarks on course improvements that require a golf hole to be closed for repairs or general course maintenance.

The chosen location for the 19th hole is one that blends into the current course layout and is a standalone golf hole. There have been initial discussions with a golf course architect in relation to the location of the hole.

The plan of the 19th hole is shown in the image below. The par 5 14th hole will be redesigned into a short par 4, and a mid-length par 3. The standard 1-18 routing will include both of these holes, with the existing 10th hole becoming the ‘spare’ hole. The existing 11th hole would then become the permanent 10th hole. The men’s 15th tee would be extended approximately 30-40m to change the par from 4 to a 5, maintaining the existing par 72 layout for men. When it is in play the spare hole would be played after the 9th hole.

This plan will involve the construction of one new green, two new tees, and earthworks around the dam on the 14th hole. The construction of the green and the associated earthworks can take place without affecting golfers. The construction of the new tee for the par 3 hole would cause some minor disruptions and the new 15th tee wouldn’t impact golfers at all.

As you are playing the existing 14th, the right-hand side of the dam would be extended back towards the 14th tee – essentially clearing out the existing scrub and making it water. The left-hand side of the dam would be filled in with material that is excavated from the right side. This will create an option for golfers to play around the water rather than requiring everyone to hit over it. The large gum tree left of the dam would be retained and become a feature of the hole, along with the dam and the green complex. It is anticipated this hole will be between 280m-310m.

As mentioned earlier, a tee would be constructed to create a new par 3 hole. This tee will play to the existing 14th green. The tee will be slightly elevated above the current fairway height and trees will be planted behind the tee to create a barrier and definition to the previous hole. The way the 14th hole is currently being played as a temporary par 3 following the drainage works will give you a feel for how this hole might play.

The men’s 15th tee will be extended 30-40 metres and become a par 5. The ladies tee will remain unchanged and will be retained as a par 4. Work will be undertaken to extend the 15th fairway back toward the tee to compensate for the extra length of the hole.

The plan outlined above presents many advantages over building a 19th hole in the vacant parcel of land behind the 15th tee. The Board recognised that the design of existing 14th hole is less than desirable and was looking into options to improve the hole, including ‘softening’ the dogleg by purchasing adjoining land. Creating two strong holes out of one weak hole would be a great achievement. Main water lines cross the area where the new green would be built, minimising the associated irrigation costs. Extensive drainage works have already been undertaken on the existing 14th hole, meaning the new holes would remain as playable as possible in winter without additional draining works. Shifting the 10th tee to the existing 11th would make two-tee starts a more viable option in the future.

Overall, the plans outlined above will result in an improvement of the current course layout while also providing an extra hole. The project will cause minimum disruption to your golf while it is being constructed. The proposed changes will however provide significant flexibility for major course works while retaining 18-holes of golf at all times.

To progress this project to the next step, the Board will now request architect plans.

I trust that you see these course changes as being beneficial to the Club and its members and will support the Board in its plans to implement them. If you have any questions arising from this information, please take the time to discuss the matter with a Board member, the Club’s General Manager, or email the Board via


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